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Hoverguitar® Invisible Guitar Hanging Mount

Hoverguitar® Invisible Guitar Hanging Mount


Hoverguitar® offers you an innovative and clever patented rigging system. This is the first completely invisible wall hanging mount for your instrument.


It's basic principle is simple. It involves inserting several plates between your neck plate and the body of the instrument. Thus, a space is created to allow the insertion of a flat hook which will be fixed to the wall.


Hoverguitar® is compatible with Fender®, Squier®, Partcaster or any other brand of rectangular plate guitar and bass instruments based on the same concept and using the same plate dimensions as Fender.

Its compatibility will be extended to other forms of plates in the future.


The system integrates with the instrument in just a few minutes. The operation is completely reversible and your instrument can easily be restored to its original condition without suffering any damage if the Hoverguitar is removed.

It is a completely transparent operation. The wall hook is also installed in just a few minutes. It doesn't take longer to install than a traditional wall hanger.


The Hoverguitar® system has several main advantages:

  • The hanger is invisible.
  • The instrument can be displayed in any orientation during the first installation. Either horizonal, vertical or somethine else to match your own personal preference.
  • The grip is very strong: All of the components of the Hoverguitar® are laser-cut stainless steel. The wall bracket is made of 3mm thick stainless steel. It is completely undeformable in the hand and could easily carry several times the weight of the supported instrument.
  • As a bonus, the system allows the insertion of picks in the upper part of the space created.
  • Optional protective plate to protect your instruments finish.
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