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Nick Silver - Mr. Iggy (Underwound)

Nick Silver - Mr. Iggy (Underwound)


The Iguana in the animal kingdom represents patience and an awareness of self when we need a reminder to just simply be.


Aiming at simplicity, the Mr. Iggy pickup recreates the pure tone of the first ’51 P-Bass® pickup. Mr. Iggy has big dynamic range which combined with Alnico V magnets, results in not only solid bottom end but also in bright mids and highs.


Mr. Iggy Underwound pickup follows the specs of the standard Mr. Iggy version but with more clarity and definition in the highs while the bass response remains big and strong.


Flat Pole Alnico V Magnets.
Vintage cloth push-back lead wire.
Wax potted.


• Big dynamic range
• Solid bottom end
• Bright mids and highs


DC Resistance
• 7.6kΩ*

*DC resistance is approximate

  • Dispatch

    All pickups are made to order and will be dispatched once ready (around 3-4 weeks).

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