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Nick Silver - Sweeney Todd

Nick Silver - Sweeney Todd


The story of Sweeney Todd is essentially a tale of overwhelming power, combining the most violent impulses of human nature with the most tender ones.

In the same way, Sweeney Todd Pickups are designed with Alnico V magnets and wound for high output and more power than traditional Tele pickups without losing the “twang” and their original character.


Flat Pole Magnets.
Bridge pickup is RWRP for hum-cancelling operation in middle position.
Vintage cloth push-back lead wire.
Wax potted.


• The bridge pickup has massive pick attack and great bass response with strong midrange and sweet high-end.
• The neck pickup has a balanced clean sound with rich highs and tight bass response.

Both of them have excellent dynamics and brilliant harmonic detail.


DC Resistance
• Neck: *6.1kΩ
• Bridge: *8.0kΩ

*DC resistance is approximate

  • Dispatch

    All pickups are made to order and will be dispatched once ready (around 3-4 weeks).

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