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The StringSling® not only protects your guitar strings, but it also turns into a comfy guitar strap in seconds!Reinforced loopholes and top of the line fabric provide stable and secure attachment to your guitar when used as a strap.Our capo pouch is measured to snuggly hold all standard guitar capos, whether in the strap or protection configuration.Premium Japanese elastic adds that extra sling that makes this strap stand out while offering the best strength on the market.


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The Hoverguitar® device is a patented invisible wall mount and pick holder for guitar and bass.

The concept is relatively simple. It consists of inserting an additional plate between the original neck plate and the body of the instrument.

This additional plate has two notches. The first notch at the bottom gives a smooth connection to the mounting hook and the top notch can be used to store some picks.

An additional very thin plate is used to prevent the pick from falling.


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Guitars are works of art which create art.

Woodies believe that’s the way we should view them, so we created a guitar hanger which you can’t see.


“Almost invisible, secure, strong and easy to use, Woodies Hanger allows the guitar to hang at any angle on the wall and it can’t fall out!”


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Nick Silver Pickups specializes in the manufacturing of handmade guitar pickups, aiming at providing a unique sound experience.

The pickups are entirely assembled by hand, one at a time at Nick Silver Pickups Company and the materials used are of the finest quality. Thorough quality testing of our products constitutes our baseline principle ensuring credibility to our customers and Nick Silver as the first choice for custom pickups.


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For more than 25 years, Musikraft has been serving the music industry with high-quality guitar necks and bodies, all crafted in New Jersey. We are licensed by Fender to produce guitar and bass replacement parts, and we work with a huge variety of clients, from large OEM companies to individual luthiers and musicians. As players ourselves, we work diligently and passionately to create that guitar neck or body that feels and sounds just right to real musicians. Our creed is a true innovation, superior quality, and optimal service at reasonable prices, with an unparalleled variety of options and features.

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Allparts UK has many years experience in supplying retail customers with guitar & amps parts by mail order, and in supporting local music shops and guitar builders/repairers with a wide range of quality parts.

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